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Production & support of websites, apps & games

Making the World Better.
One Product at a Time.

We aim for synergy, because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Together we create great looking functional digital products & take care of them afterwards.

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Who we are

We are a cool team of 9+ developers, designers, illustrators, animators and managers who are taking ideas to complete products.

Content Manager
UI/UX Designer
UI/UX Designer
Sales & Marketing

Our services

We focus on three main areas:
WordPress websites
1C Bitrix websites
Custom websites
Website redesign
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Mobile Apps & Games
iOS and Android apps and games
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Design, Illustration & Animation
High quality design solutions for your business needs
Ranging from logo design to advanced website and app design
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Solitaire Cash
Solitaire Cash is a card game where users compete to earn real money.
FC Rostov – sport team
We successfully revamped a web home of FC Rostov – one of the major football clubs in Russia.
T Bookmarks
T Bookmarks is our own product, aiming to help users organize their internet life in the best way possible.

Our principles

Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM)
Tazh.studio team banded together after we realized that our combined strengths help us achieve more. When we play together, we score more. As simple as that.
Creating beautiful & functional products
Yes, we make products both functional and beautiful. We prioritize functionality and business feasibility, so our products can help you profit. At the same time we appreciate the beauty and strive to make products pleasant and enjoyable on all levels.
Always open for communication
We understand that making a quality product requires a combination of business needs, proper user experience, marketing and aesthetics. One can be more important than the other in a certain project, so we always strive to find the best fitting solution with the Client. Communication is the key.
Paying attention to details
The devil is in the detail. Being a professional means taking care of all the small details that lead to a quality product. Every player of our team knows his trade and does the job exceptionally well.

Our process

Project planning & specifications
We discuss the client's vision and expectations to develop a commercial offer with time frames and costs. As a result we have a document with the project's breakdown for the client to review, modify and eventually approve. After that we sign a contract along with a preliminary payment.
After that we start working on a detailed ‘Functional Specifications Document‘, which is to be our always-up-to-date go-to source throughout the whole project. It’s constantly maintained and updated when necessary. In order to create a comprehensive specs document, we often dive deep into a client's business processes and sometimes even contribute by developing new ones to make sure every detail is taken care of.
As we agree upon specifications we can move on to the design and functionality of our future product. First, we create a prototype of a website/app and review it with a client at each step of the way to ensure that we’re on the same page. We promptly include all the changes and adjustments and deliver a ready prototype as a result.
After the prototype has been approved we can move on to the detailed design of an actual website/app – its visual part as well as its functionality and interactions down to miniscule details. We design layouts for every needed resolution (desktop/tablet/smartphone).
Here comes the development part of our product. This means building your actual working website/app. It consists of front-end development, back-end development, integrating third party services, and everything in between and out.
Content management
Together with a client, we gather necessary content, help to prepare it, edit and populate the website/app with it. This is an optional step of the process, but we know we can help to manage your content efficiently, save your time and ensure the quality of the content is of a high standard.
Testing, QA & launching
Almost there! Time to test our new website/app together with the client. We discover last defects, make final corrections to make sure that everything runs smoothly and works the way the client wants and the users expect it to. That’s what Quality Assurance is about: every small detail is taken care of.
At last, we transfer the website to a client’s server or publish the app to the AppStore or Google Play (while designing and preparing everything needed for those store listings) and deploy everything. Well done, TEAM!
If you like us and don’t want to say Goodbye, we are here to support your newly made website/app. We are the ones who made it, so we know best how to take good care of it. Support includes technical support, content management, design and development.

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