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Crafting Immersive Gaming Experiences

Specializing in UI/UX & Ads Production for the Gaming World

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Specialized Gaming Solutions: UI/UX & Ad Campaigns

Tailored Design Excellence for the Gaming Realm: Where Interface Meets Impact

UI/UX for Gaming

Dive into next-level gaming with interfaces that captivate and engage. From concept to execution, we bring your game's vision to life.

Transform Your Game's UI/UX

Ads Production for Games

Ads that resonate, captivate, and convert. We craft campaigns that speak the language of gamers and bring that sweet CTA.

Craft Your Perfect Ad Campaign

Assets Production for Games

Bespoke assets tailored to your game's narrative and style. From characters to environments, we craft assets that fit seamlessly into your gaming world.

Enhance Your Game with Custom Assets

Presentation Design for Games

Showcase your game with compelling presentations. From game listing pages to promotional materials, we design to captivate and convert.

Elevate Your Game's Presentation

Our Portfolio

Solitaire Clash

We provided a complete UI/UX design for Solitaire Clash, which is a Solitaire game, in which users compete to win real money.

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FC Rostov – sport team

We redesigned the website of a major Russian League football club.

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World of Retail | Cashback

We designed a mobile app & a browser plugin for the World of Retail cashback system.

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Meet the Game Crafters

We're a collective of designers, strategists, and gamers at heart. Driven by passion and precision, we bring visions to life, one pixel at a time.

Tazh: Studio Head & Jack of All Trades. From UI/UX mastery to game-changing insights, Tazh leads with experience and passion.

ælex: UI/UX Maestro. Crafting game interfaces and ads with a touch of mystery from secret projects.

Albina: AI-Infused UI/UX Prodigy. IT grad turned design dynamo, Albina's creations are both pixel-perfect and AI-smart.

Vlad: 3D Visionary. Bringing digital realms to life, Vlad's 3D designs are both fiery and formative.

Serge: Magical UI Artist. With a brushstroke of genius, Serge adds color and charm to every game.

Polina: Motion Magician. Making ads irresistibly engaging, Polina's animations are a visual treat.

Stanislav: Game Animation Guru. Breathing life into static scenes, Stan's touch is pure gaming joy.

Trusted by Game Changers

Our Process



We start by getting to know your project inside and out. We take the time to understand your goals, requirements, expectations, budget, timeline, and target audience so that we can deliver exactly what you need!



Next, we create a design brief based on what we’ve learned and start working on the design solutions. We use various tools and methods depending on the services you need. We also involve you in the feedback loop to ensure that the design solutions match your vision.



Once the design solutions are finalized and approved by you, we deliver them in the appropriate format and quality.

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Where Passion Meets Expertise

At tazh.studio, we’re not just designers; we’re gamers at heart. Our deep understanding of the gaming world allows us to craft experiences that resonate. From intuitive UI/UX designs to compelling ad campaigns, we’re the studio that knows gaming.

  • Users hate products with bad UX and leave at the soonest possibility to use a competing product with a better UX
  • Good UX makes users happy, satisfies their needs, encourages them to spread the word about your product
  • Good UX facilitates users acting on your business targets and brings money to your business

Good UX is crucial for a successful business.