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FC Rostov – Football Club Website & Web Store Redesign

FC Rostov is a professional major Russian league football club based in Rostov-on-Don city, southeastern Russia. It was established in 1930, 90 years ago. The club is a member of the Russian Premier League, holding Top-10 position as of 2018 – 2019 season.


We were asked to design a new, modern and engaging portal on the basis of the Alchemists WordPress theme that the client was planning to develop the website with.

Previous website was outdated, had user experience problems and was mainly informational.

FC Rostov wanted to create a new modern website and make it a single point of all information about the club, club’s standings, news, include a media section with all photos and videos, and a user friendly web store that sells well.

Information architecture

After researching the needs of users and all the information and functionality needed to be presented, we organized everything in a clean & clear way.

FC Rostov – 3

UI Kit

For quick implementation and further development of the project, we created a UI Kit with all the major colors, styles, icons, UI elements and components needed.

FC Rostov – 4

Let’s take a closer look.
Key sections.

We designed all high-fidelity mockups of the website. We decided to go with a light design, instead of the theme’s default dark one, as white one is friendlier and resonates positively with more people. And just goes well with the media website such as this one.


We’ve completely redesigned the homepage. The main focus became the News, providing overview and a quick access to the latest team related news. Also, we designed widgets with scores for the last game and a schedule for the next one with the link to buy a ticket. Another important part of the Home page is a selection of the most popular items from the store. Also, homepage is designed as an overview of the most important sections and provides easy access to the necessary information and actions.

FC Rostov – 6


The club section covers key information about the Rostov team: general information about the club, youth academy, history, venues, and contact details.

FC Rostov – 7

Player roster

Player roster is a team members page, listing all current players from both FC Rostov’s regular and youth teams. Section features each player’s photo, short background info and statistics overview.

FC Rostov – 8

Player profile

This section provides more info about a particular player, with photos and details. Section features graphs and tables with statistics of player’s performance, links to player’s related news and updates.

FC Rostov – 9

Coach and staff profiles

Similar to the previous section, coach and staff profiles present profiles of coaches and other employees of FC Rostov team, with their photos and background info, related news and updates.

FC Rostov – 10


The season section presents information about the current season, in 3 main parts: calendar of upcoming matches, standings, and statistics.

Calendar of upcoming matches

Calendar of upcoming matches shows details about the matches’ competing team, date, time and stadium where the game would take place.

FC Rostov – 13


Last part is the statistics section. It includes information about each player, his results during particular games and short characteristics.

FC Rostov – 13


Last part is the statistics section. It includes information about each player, his results during particular games and short characteristics.

FC Rostov – 14


The Match section presents each game’s detailed flow, by showing diagrams with information about the game: the amount of scored goals, passes, substitutions, red/yellow cards, etc. Relevant multimedia content is also available in this section, together with the stadium location map.

FC Rostov – 15


The Updated News section presents in a neat way both latest and past news, divided into different types for easier grasp. Main latest news are also presented as a first section on the homepage with full width photos and a corresponding link to the News article. Viewers can now easily navigate through the latest information and keep track of the team's performance.

Fan zone

New FC Rostov website brings the beloved team closer to the fans. There are now sections dedicated to fans and their experience in Rostov-on-Don city, with info about main points of interests, maps, and stadiums where the games take place.

FC Rostov – 17

Partners & Sponsors

Another essential part of a new website is a partners and sponsors section. It’s a dedicated page with all the necessary info for potential sponsors: stating statistics and benefits of becoming a sponsor/partner for FC Rostov club and including a possibility to apply.

Also, sponsors’ and partners’ logos are included on every page of the website, contributing a lot to their branding.
Partner/sponsor relationship with the club benefits both: partners and the club.

FC Rostov – 18


The media section is designed for fans to get closer to the team, to explore latest videos, pictures, news, mentions and all to do with their heroes. Media can be filtered by category, by match and by player, which makes it easy to find what interests a particular fan the most.

Web Store

A web store is a natural solution for an extra income generation for the club. It’s divided into different item categories, such as souvenirs, uniforms, casual clothes, etc. It includes an easy navigation, color/size/price filters and sorting options.

FC Rostov – 20

WooCommerce plugin

The web store is built with the WooCommerce plugin, its main features are product, cart, and checkout pages, secure payments by credit card and alternatives, and configurable shipping options.


FC Rostov website redesign is a major project that took a lot of work with various information about the club, content, WordPress theme limitations and challenges of overcoming those limitations.

Tazh Studio team is very happy with the results and with the positive feedback received from the club.

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