Safecloud – Cloud Storage Web & Mobile Application Design

Safecloud is the cloud storage application. It provides work groups and single users with the opportunity to store, efficiently manage and keep their files safe.

There are two modes of application – Personal and Business. Safecloud has both mobile and web versions to allow users to manage their files anywhere and anytime.


Safecloud approached us with a task to deliver a modern and high-quality interface for their cloud storage product.
We researched user needs, best practices of storage applications design and provided a great modern interface.

Personal & Business

Safecloud caters to both personal and business users, providing a specific set of functionality.


  • Quick access to recent files
  • Upload and manage files and folders with ease
  • Connect applications
  • Recover deleted files and folders
  • Configure account and files security


  • Invite team members and set their roles
  • Set access to files and folders
  • Analyze occupied space
  • Track workgroup activity
  • Configure workgroup security

Information architecture

After researching the needs of single users and workgroups, we proceeded with the design of an information architecture based on the needs of each audience.

Safecloud - 6


A total of more than 100+ wireframes were created, in which all user flows were carefully considered.

UI kit

For quick implementation and further development of the project, we created a UI Kit with all the major colors, styles, icons, UI elements and components needed.

Let’s take a closer look at the UI

We designed all the high-fidelity mockups and animated some elements.

Create folders and documents

Safecloud allows you to create folders and documents right in the application.
All the documents are in sync and are changing real time during editing.

Manage your files

There are a lot of actions you can do with your files. Share files with others, move, delete, mark them with a star to move necessary files to the top of the list, etc.

Common files

In this section you can view all your files and folders that you and others shared with you and the links you created.

Safecloud - 9

Files recovery

If you accidentally deleted a file you can quickly restore it in the Recovery section. Deleted files are stored here for up to 180 days.

Gain an insight of your work group activity

The analytics section provides data of the used and available space, the number of members, the next payment and the chart of changes in the used space.

Safecloud - 10

Configure folder or file access

By default, all members have access to the folder or file, but you can choose Custom mode and give access to the file or folder to specific users or make it private.

Track members’ activity

In the Activity section, you can see all the recent activities of a specific member of your work group.

Safecloud - 11

Manage your workgroup

In this section you can allocate space to specific members, configure their editing access, invite and remove members.

And a lot more

We designed all the high-fidelity mockups and animated some elements.

Safecloud - 12

Work together with Safecloud Business

Simplify and control your workgroup file management. Safecloud provides many useful features to make work in a group more efficient.

Safecloud mobile

Manage your files anywhere and anytime with a convenient mobile application.

Safecloud - 14

Landing page

We have also designed a clean and clear, straightforward landing page that performed very well.

Safecloud - 14


Working on the UI/UX design of the Safecloud app was a thrilling experience for us. It was a complex and challenging project and our team came up with a simple, neat and intuitive design – exactly what our client wanted.

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