T Bookmarks

T Bookmarks – Chrome Plugin for Bookmark Management

T Bookmarks is our own product, aiming to help users organize their bookmarks in the best and easiest way possible.

Sign in with your Google account, save bookmarks into corresponding folders.

It’s a simple and easy to use plugin without complications. The plugin is available in Chrome Web Store.


While trying to organize our own bookmarks, we have stumbled upon the fact that the existing Google Chrome extensions are either overcomplicated, esthetically unpleasant, or both.

So we decided to design and develop our own bookmarking extension with two things in mind: simple and nice-looking.

Material Design

Material Design – is an adaptable system of guidelines, components, and tools that support the best practices of user interface design, developed by Google. T Bookmarks is a product for the Google ecosystem, so we’ve decided to utilize Google Material design language. It is the primary design language of Google's web and mobile applications, so the majority of users are already familiar and comfortable with it.

T Bookmarks - 3

Simple sign-in with a Google account

Needless to say, there is nothing easier than signing into your Google Chrome extension via your Google account. One click and you’re in. Account created.

Add bookmarks

The core function of our plugin: saving a bookmark. Press a plugin icon, press ‘Bookmark this page’. The title will be suggested and can be edited right away or later. You can choose to save your bookmark in some particular folder, create a new folder or save it in a root, without any folder. After you are done with the title and folder selection, press ‘Add’ (or hit an ‘Enter’ key).

T Bookmarks - 5

Create folders

The easiest way to organize your bookmarks is to put them into different folders. To create a new folder, press a plugin icon, press ‘Create folder’, type in the folder’s name, press ‘Create’. Alternatively, you can create a new folder while saving a bookmark.

T Bookmarks - 6

Easily manage your bookmarks

The whole T Bookmarks management system is simple and transparent. Nothing extra, just what you need. Press a plugin icon and all your bookmarks and folders are spread out before you.

T Bookmarks - 7

Simple navigation

No more jumping through hoops to get to your bookmarks. Select the link you need, either from the folder or from the root. Easily navigate through your folders, go back by pressing the leftwards arrow icon.

T Bookmarks - 8

Edit bookmarks and folders

At any time, you can access your bookmarks, change their titles, change folder names, delete them or relocate to different folders. All your bookmarks will be available for you on all your devices running Google Chrome with the T Bookmarks extension installed.


T Bookmarks is a complete MVP product of our team. We designed and developed the plugin from an idea to the finished product and we are going to keep updating it and making it better.

Go ahead and try the plugin. Any feedback is highly appreciated!

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