World of Retail | Cashback

World of Retail Cashback Mobile App & Browser Extension Design

World of Retail Cashback is a mobile app and a browser plugin for the World of Retail cashback system.


World of Retail approached us with a task to deliver a modern and high-quality interface design for their cashback service. They wanted to get a design for their mobile app and a browser plugin, and an assistance with the UI implementation.

UI kit

For quick implementation and further development of the project, we created a UI Kit with all the colors, styles, icons, UI elements and components. We also advised World of Retail to implement the whole design system to all of their digital products and services.

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Mobile App

We designed all the high-fidelity mockups for the World of Retail’s mobile app.

Online & Physical Stores

The system offers cashback from both online and in-store purchases. The app is divided into two main sections: online stores & physical stores. Some of their features differ from one another.

Online Stores

Browse available online stores and services that provide cashback. Select the ones you’re interested in. View the details. Press the button to navigate to the store – by going to the store through the app’s link the cashback will be enabled. Make a purchase and get the cashback.

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Physical Stores

Browse available physical stores and service providers that offer cashback. Select the ones you’re interested in. View the available locations and other details. Visit the store, make a purchase and get the cashback.

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Upload Receipts

In order to get a cashback from a physical store, users need to upload the corresponding receipt into the system.

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Special Offers

Some of the cashback offers are product-specific/service-specific.
Such offers can be available across multiple retailers/service providers.

World of Retail | Cashback - 9

View Transactions, Withdraw Funds

View transactions history of your account. Withdraw your cashback money with one of the available methods.

World of Retail | Cashback - 10

Manage Withdrawal Methods

Add various withdrawal methods, such as a bank card, electronic money or topping a phone number.

And a lot more

We carefully designed all the screens, states and interactions. Here are some of them.

Browser Plugin

We also designed a Google Chrome extension – a browser plugin, for quick and convenient use of the service through the web browser on the computer or on a tablet.

Implementation of the Design

After the design was completed, we transferred all the assets to the development team and closely monitored the implementation. During this step we constantly conducted the quality assurance and tested the services to make sure that design is implemented correctly and a proper UX is delivered.

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Our work with the World of Retail resulted in a flawless collaboration where we worked together to deliver the best solution.

We satisfied our client’s needs and had a really successful experience with the development team. We were thrilled to see the result of our hard work and dedication and got positive feedback from the World of Retail.

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